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Tentigo Could Help Overcome Male Erectile Dysfunction

male-erectile-dysfunction-tentigomenGenerally, symptoms of erectile dysfunction include persistent problems with getting and maintaining an erection, in addition to reduced sexual desire.

It is important to consult a doctor should you begin to suffer erectile problems. This is especially important should erectile and other sexual problems begin to become an issue for you or your partner.


Tentigo’s double action

This so called “Performance System” from TentiGo has 2 lines of action: in your love life and in your fitness. TentiGo¬† could help you regain your libido (sexual desire), sustain longer erections, and also provides the power you need to exercise more, weight lift more and more efficiently.

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Tentigo, Testosterone, Workout

tentigo-workout-gym-stamina-muscleTestosterone is generally linked to an increase in male and female sexual drive, protein synthesis and muscle growth and include testosterone, insulin, estrogen and the growth hormone. Tentigo for men is a supplement that stimulates your testosterone to maximize workout capacity.

On the other hand, catabolic hormones produce the opposite effect by eroding muscle tissue and decreasing inflammation. Catabolic hormones produced by the body include cortisol, adrenalin, glucagon and progesterone.

The bodies of endurance athletes tend to produce more cortisol or catabolic hormones than they do anabolic hormones, which leads to the suppression of testosterone production in males.

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