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The Worst things Men do to their Muscles

muscle-building-tentigomenWhen it comes to matters of fitness and muscle building, most men have the right idea about the basic things that need to be done. The basic instructions are very simple: to eat the right food in plenty and to exercise a lot.

What most men might not know is that there are some things that they do that actually work against their muscles instead of for them.

What are some of the worst things you can do to your muscles?

Not warming up before a workout.

When you begin a workout without taking at least 5 to 10 minutes to do a proper warm up, it strains your muscles like a jolt of shock. It could damage them, cause strain or even muscle tear.  A warm up should consist of squats, lunges and even planks to get your blood circulating and your muscles ready for what is to come.

Ignoring the foundational muscles

While what are visible to most people are a man’s arms, chest and even the thighs, it is dangerous to ignore foundation core muscles in your midsection, shoulders and even your hips. These are referred to as stabilization muscles and they need just as much attention as the visible muscles.

Not making the best use of your workout time

A comprehensive workout routine involves breaks for your muscles, but what most men do wrong is take a break to relax before returning to working out the same muscles. Maximize your workout by taking a break to work out other muscles while others rest

Fitness Program for Beginners

When you begin your fitness program, especially after not having done anything for some time, your initial strength gains will typically be quick and dramatic.

Tentigo Helps Your Workout Program

During your first 12 weeks, it’s not uncommon to witness a 10-30% increase in overall strength. The strength gains during the initial weeks of your new training regimen will derive from the recruitment of new muscle fibers that make the muscles more visible and stronger.

While muscle recruitment does not lead to increased muscle mass, it definitely helps in making the muscles appear bigger. One of the explanations for this is the fact that muscles take in water and swell during training. Another is that muscles tend to burn fat, which then makes them more prominent in appearance.